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Relaunch of Sown in Tears, Whew, It’s Exhausting

It's a big decision to relaunch a book, yet it really made sense. If not now when? I felt the book deserved another chance, sort of a last hurrah, although neither the novel or I plan on going anywhere. The story is still relevant today, about a [...]

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Thanks to the pandemic, poetry has entered my writing life

This poem was published by the Muddy River Poetry Review in their Spring Issue JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE A flash, an explosion and the trip begins. Off to find the morning of the universe, when the world was diapered against exploding stars. Black holes filled with empty [...]

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I’m back. Anything been happening since I’ve been away?

It's been a long hard year and a half. I got through it all by watching Schitt's Creek and writing poetry. Not at the same time of course. But the two occupations fed my funnybone and my creative juices. Poetry, for me, is more direct and spontaneous [...]

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Guest Post, My Reading Corner

Writing Inspiration/Beverly Magid January, 2018 All three of my novels feature female protagonists, ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. That’s my overall general inspiration, but of course each of the books had their specific, particular moment when I decided to write them. Starting out years ago as a [...]

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My books are from the past, but reflect current events

Women seem to be at the forefront of current events. The #MeToo movement is just one aspect, but very vocal and evident. Women want to be heard, they refuse to be dismissed or discounted. They’re marching, voting, organizing, reporting, running for office. The word “feminist” became the [...]

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From: A Life of a Female Bibliophile blog

Review: January 28, 2018 My original interest was piqued in this book since I love historical fiction. I haven’t read too many novels focusing on immigrants in the 1900s and the synopsis intrigued me. The novel is set in the early 1900s on the Lower East Side [...]

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Welcome to the New Year

A new year is another chance to get it right, to overcome last year's problems, to do better. After surviving an auto accident, I'm ready for a better year. And having published my third novel, WHERE DO I GO, at the end of the year,I'm also ready [...]

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It’s A Delicate Path

When the book is finished, all you want to do  is talk about it, blog about it, write about it. It's been the focus of your mind for so long, now you want to share it. But how much is too much? It can't be all you [...]

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Researching: Aid or Trap

Where Do I Go Since my three novels are all historical fiction, the first project is always research. I love it, I could stay with the past forever. It's there to be figured out, to be understood in a comprehensive way. The present is too [...]

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Marketing is so much harder than writing

Once the book is done, now the hard work begins. Promoting, marketing, publicity, press release, signings, readings. All necessary, getting it started takes lots of time and energy. The problem in today's world is, so much of it is on-line. No human contact. Emails, tweets, facebook, voice [...]

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Me Too, It’s All Of Us

Along with the California wildfires, there's been a conflagration of sharing by women regarding their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. It seems that no female has gone unscathed in their lifetime. I added some of mine, starting as a young ten year old, who had matured [...]

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