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Writing Inspiration/Beverly Magid January, 2018 All three of my novels feature female protagonists, ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. That’s my overall general inspiration, but of course each of the books had their specific, particular moment when I decided to write them. Starting out years ago as a [...]

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From: A Life of a Female Bibliophile blog

Review: January 28, 2018 My original interest was piqued in this book since I love historical fiction. I haven’t read too many novels focusing on immigrants in the 1900s and the synopsis intrigued me. The novel is set in the early 1900s on the Lower East Side [...]

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Historical Fiction Author Beverly Magid: Writing, Research, and John Lennon

This week my guest is historical fiction author Beverly Magid. Before writing her first novel, Beverly was a journalist and an entertainment and celebrity PR executive. She interviewed many luminaries, including John Lennon, Jim Croce, and the Monty Python gang. As publicist, she represented clients in music, [...]

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History brought to life through storytelling – By Judy Reeves

When a good story with compelling characters also brings history alive for me, I am hooked. Sown in tears is such a book. We may learn the facts about Czarist Russia in the early twentieth century – the pograms, and the devastation of Jewish communities by the [...]

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Impressions in Ink – Sown in Tears – Review

Sown in Tears Title: Sown in Tears Author: Beverly Magid Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 18 September 2012 Genre: Historical Fiction Labels: Russia, Russian History, Jewish History, Early 20th Century, Revolution Format: Paperback Age: Adult Pages: 194 Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Rural village of [...]

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Spotlight On Beverly Magid – Part II

You've self-published both of your novels, what advice can you give authors considering going this route? If you’re as impatient as I am regarding agents and traditional publishing, self-publishing is a great venue and no longer stigmatized by either the reading public or the publishing industry. Case [...]

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Editor at American Jewish Librarian raves about Sown in Tears

This gripping book opens with a scene of a raid on Jewish village in Czarist Russia as local peasants unleash a torrent of violence against its occupants. The reader is thrust int the cruel world inhabited by Leah Peretz, the main protagonist, as she and her husband, [...]

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Spotlight On Beverly Magid – Part I

Beverly Magid, before writing her novel, was a journalist and an entertainment and celebrity PR executive, who interviewed many luminaries, including John Lennon, Jim Croce and the Monty Python gang, and as a publicist represented clients in music, tv and film,  ranging from Whoopi Goldberg, John Denver and Dolly Parton to [...]

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Historical fiction writer Beverly Magid

A Writer of History  ~ by M.K Tod Several weeks ago I connected with Beverly Magid who has written two historical fiction novels. Like many others, Beverly has chosen the self-publishing route and I thought it might be interesting to feature a few authors who have taken that path. [...]

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