This is a blog about life and writing but it’s impossible to ignore world events.

Nobody is going to be able to explain away the chaos happening now with the evacuations. Leaving was not an easy decision and the consequences are even harder, but I agree and understand why it finally had to be done. It’s true we keep troops in other places in the world, but not in the midst of an enemy, which the Taliban certainly is. Trump left the Biden administration an agreement which was one-sided and offered nothing good for our side. The former president insisted that 5000 Taliban prisoners be released including their current leader.

Visas should have been speeded up or postponed until the Afghanis were safely out of the country. It’s the awful uncertainty that has made people rush to Kabul when they could and Biden’s team wasn’t ready for the crush. It shakes the belief that Biden’s administration can handle crisis, but I do believe that they can and will do better. They came into a bad situation which became worse and they were unprepared, which is no excuse for a government.

It’s always a mistake to make snap judgements in the middle of a crisis if you are outside the chaos. We will know soon enough if the Biden is up to the task.