Well, right away I have to say it may be impossible. After all a writer is supposed to be in tune with the world, sensitive to its nuances, its changes, the imperceptible whims of the world. We might not understand them but we’re hip to them happening. Our job is to figure them out or give some meaning to it all. I keep asking myself, in this current world, where is the meaning. In every era there have been books and authors, both fiction and non-fiction trying to make sense of it all. Sometime they will need several tries before they come up with an answer. In today’s world, I’m not so sure there is an answer. Craziness is rewarded, cruelty is accepted, bigotry is celebrated, and the nuttiest part of it all: this comes from the minority. The majority voted for the right. Most people want honest leadership, leaders who regard the truth as a given, facts as a necessity, civil courtesy as the norm. They must continue to stand up, not give up. Speak up, not shut down. Words and actions do have consequences. Let things slide and they are gone forever. In 2018 – to the ramparts!