Once the book is done, now the hard work begins. Promoting, marketing, publicity, press release, signings, readings. All necessary, getting it started takes lots of time and energy. The problem in today’s world is, so much of it is on-line. No human contact. Emails, tweets, facebook, voice mails, where did the humans go. Of course when you get to meet your readers, it’s all worth it.

But until you do, you’re on hold a great deal of the time, waiting, holding, listening to a cover version of some 70’s tune or classical music with a lot of static. Still holding, hearing a message ” your call is important to us, we’ll be with your as soon as we can.” Really? After long waits, do you find yourself screaming at recorded messages or Muzak? My cats have long ago decided that I’m insane, yelling at website that’s not user friendly or a recorded message. But in service of my book, I do it. Hoping I will meet a human along the way.