Where Do I Go

New York, 1908: Leah strives for a better life, but first she must confront threats from a sweatshop owner and local gangsters.
For readers of Sown in Tears, Where Do I Go is the exciting sequel of Leah Peretz and her sons after they escape to New York. from Russia. Hoping for a better life for her family, Leah toils in a grueling factory sweatshop. She might have a fighting chance with Aaron, her brother’s friend and love interest, but first she must face the horrific working conditions in the sweatshop and stand up to the neighborhood’s gangster boss to protect her son, Benny. She fled the violence of Russia, but now she’s confronted with the forces of corruption on the
Lower East Side. Everyone is looking to her for salvation. Can she be strong enough?

Where Do I Go
by Beverly Magid

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“An enjoyable and captivating book..”
— (Portland Review of Books) —

“Fabulous follow-up to Sown in Tears, I give it 5stars plus…”
— (Amybooksy.blogspot) —

“A beautiful and poignant story…”
— (Svettlana’s Read and Views) —

“I couldn’t put it down until I finished…”
— (Donnasbookblog) —