A new year is another chance to get it right, to overcome last year’s problems, to do better. After surviving an auto accident, I’m ready for a better year. And having published my third novel, WHERE DO I GO, at the end of the year,I’m also ready to have readers discover Leah’s journey which continues in America, in her new year of 1908.

I’ll be doing a virtual blog tour where I hope I’ll make new friends, maybe inspire a few aspiring writers (I believe everyone has a story, even if everyone is not Tolstoy or Jane Austen). The world is in tumult now and we need to be reassured that in years gone by, other people overcame other obstacles and made the world a better place. Things have a long way to go before we have perfection, but if you look back in time you’ll find that many things have improved. And now women again feel they have the power to speak up and demand to be heard and to be counted.

There’s a Women’s March happening on January 20 across the country, and I’m ready to march with my sisters. My books have always told the story of ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. Today is no different. Their stories are the ones I’ll always want to tell