I can’t believe all the wars I’ve been alive for ( I did miss the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, but not too many others). We’re always thinking of our vets on November 11, but what about the other 364 days of the year?

There’s a major problem that all our recent vets have been suffering with little help from the VA. Everything in Iraq and Afghanistan that had to be discarded ended up being burned in huge fires, often helped by jet fuel. Many of the discarded items when burned gave off toxic fumes, fumes which had already been proven to be harmful in many different ways.  But the powers that be in all their arrogance have said time and time again, that there is no proof that the veteran’s headaches, breathing problems, cancer, skin diseases,; none of these can be definitely linked to the toxic fumes that they were forced to breathe 24/7 while on deployment.  WTF!

Jon Stewart has made this problem one of his issues to help solve and I would like to add my two cents to the the pile of complaints. Our men and women deserve better. We love them when they volunteer to put their lives on the line fighting, but conveniently forget them when they come home and suffer the results of that deployment.

Help them goddammit. They deserve only the best.