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Review: January 28, 2018 My original interest was piqued in this book since I love historical fiction. I haven’t read too many novels focusing on immigrants in the 1900s and the synopsis intrigued me. The novel is set in the early 1900s on the Lower East Side [...]

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History brought to life through storytelling – By Judy Reeves

When a good story with compelling characters also brings history alive for me, I am hooked. Sown in tears is such a book. We may learn the facts about Czarist Russia in the early twentieth century – the pograms, and the devastation of Jewish communities by the [...]

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Impressions in Ink – Sown in Tears – Review

Sown in Tears Title: Sown in Tears Author: Beverly Magid Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 18 September 2012 Genre: Historical Fiction Labels: Russia, Russian History, Jewish History, Early 20th Century, Revolution Format: Paperback Age: Adult Pages: 194 Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Rural village of [...]

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Editor at American Jewish Librarian raves about Sown in Tears

This gripping book opens with a scene of a raid on Jewish village in Czarist Russia as local peasants unleash a torrent of violence against its occupants. The reader is thrust int the cruel world inhabited by Leah Peretz, the main protagonist, as she and her husband, [...]

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