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Researching: Aid or Trap

Where Do I Go Since my three novels are all historical fiction, the first project is always research. I love it, I could stay with the past forever. It's there to be figured out, to be understood in a comprehensive way. The present is too [...]

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Marketing is so much harder than writing

Once the book is done, now the hard work begins. Promoting, marketing, publicity, press release, signings, readings. All necessary, getting it started takes lots of time and energy. The problem in today's world is, so much of it is on-line. No human contact. Emails, tweets, facebook, voice [...]

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Me Too, It’s All Of Us

Along with the California wildfires, there's been a conflagration of sharing by women regarding their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. It seems that no female has gone unscathed in their lifetime. I added some of mine, starting as a young ten year old, who had matured [...]

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