Hacking, auto mishap, computer glitch – what a way to start the New Year. But with today’s technology, these have become normal events to be endured and overcome. Even technology can’t be relied on. I remember the first time the computer went out in the midst of writing FLYING OUT OF BROOKLYN. OMG, what am I going to do, no computer. Well, of course there are always pens, pencils and paper. What did people do even before we had those implements? They made marks with a rock on stone. We’re too tied to too many “things.” I don’t want to wax sentimental, but things don’t matter at the end of the day or It helps if they make you comfortable but they don’t define you. Or do they?

Compared to what others have gone through lately, blips in technology can be tolerated. Even the heroine in my second novel, SOWN IN TEARS, puts me to shame when I start complaining. I need to go more with the flow in 2013. Really what better choice do we have?