I am so often years behind in my reading. For instance I just read Wallace Stegner’s “Crossing to Safey,” a novel about four friends, which is quiet, observant, with great depth, but little action. His descriptions are infinite and beautiful, writing the way I’d like to, with details, metaphors, bringing you right into the scene. It seems that so little occurs, but it’s the lives of four people, their friendships, their dreams, their flaws. Such beautiful writing. To write a book which remains alive and vital years after it was written, for a reader to share, to be moved by – I’m sure that’s the dream of every writer, certainly it’s mine.

With the horrors of the past few weeks, I was grateful to read something quiet, smart and insightful, which took me away from the bloodshed of outside events. It seemed that hatred and anger were everywhere, here and around the world. We need to hold on and notice the beauty that still exists everyday, be grateful for the smiles that still shine, the children who can still play, the books that can still captivate, especially our next breath which gives us the chance for a new start with each inhalation.

I’m also grateful for the rave press reviews for my book, Sown in Tears, the loved ones in my life and the hope that the New Year will be filled with days of wonder for us all.