I actually remember the excitement when JFK was President and the horror when he was asssassinated. So I understand the feelings of young voters who think they’ve discovered someone new, like Sen. Obama, but I also know how extraordinary it is to have a woman candidate up for the office. I’m sorry that the Clinton campaign didn’t speak more to that landmark opportunity. Obama keeps saying how he doesn’t want to inject race into his campaign, which of course immediately injects it, so I wish Hillary had talked about how women are still dismissed and denigrated (just look at the way the media has referred to her as opposed to anyone else in the race). She sneezes and it’s dissected, Obama can only walk on water. People are human, they want to jump on the bandwagon if they think it might be a winning one, issues be damned. She good, she’s smart, she just doesn’t have the speaker quality that he has. They made fun of Al Gore because of his lack of charisma and look what happened to us. And he actually won! I just hope that Obama is full of smoke and mirrors because our country can’t go down any lower on the scale than it has with the Bushies.