First blog ever, so this is a new experience writing a public diary of thoughts.

As a newly published novelist, I wanted to share my experience of the process of getting a book out there for the world to chew up and hopefully not spit out. It may be a cliche but letting go of a creative project is very much like sending your child out by him/herself without Mommy protecting it. You’ve sweated over it, worked it, molded it, kept it by your side for years and now it’s gone, finished, you can’t take anything back.

The important thing to remember if you’re in this situation is not to go up and down with each and every review or comment that you get about your work. You’ve given the work out as a gift to the world and you can’t be killing yourself over every little nuance or imagined criticism you hear in someone’s voice or quote. The cure for all of this is going back to the computer or the pen and paper (people do still write that way I’m told) and get right back on the horse and start writing again. It’s getting late and I’m writing too many cliches for a first blog.

More tomorrow.