You see it all the time, a car cuts you off, tailgates behind you, a pedestrian is too busy on the phone to walk across the street or even give you a moment’s notice, in today’s paper, someone cut down an old revered oak tree, why not they thought, I’m entitled. Whatever people do, is just fine because they’re sure that they’re entitled. It occurs especially with celebrities, but they’re not the only ones, because entitlement has become a global disease. Philandering spouses, lying corporate execs, greedy bankers, conniving polluters, insensitive politicians, religious zealots, Ponzi schemers, dictators of countries, they all have caught the contagion. It’s interesting to note about the last; they’re finally getting their comeuppance.

I wish I had the answer. I just have the complaint. Complaining, after all, aren’t I entitled?