Writing is considered a solitary game, so blogging without readers shouldn’t be such a catastrophe, but even when you keep a diary, you’re always hoping that someone will actually take a peek once in awhile. That’s why I finally decided to self-publish my novel, so that finally people could read it after all my years of talking about it. And you know what, having people read AND like it was really good, validating, you know, now I could legitimately call myslef a writer.

But when no one ever bothers to read or comment on my blogs (which I admit will win no prizes even in blogland) it gets a little lonely. So for further validation, I’ve come up with a list of thing I do that make my day worthwhile.

Rescue animals
Being a good friend
Mentoring a child in reading
Volunteering at the Zoo
Helping my neighbors (that includes strangers aroound the world)

Not that much when you consider how much crap is going on around the world, but the best I can come up with just now.

How about you?