This has been a great week for the writer mode, not so much on the writing mode. I did two interviews, one phoner and one tv interview. I found out how much fun it was sitting and talking about myself, my book, my writing, my approach. my, my, me,me. me. My clients used to complain about having to do interviews. I think they lied, it’s really fun! (Of course I haven’t had the nerve to watch the tv interview. All those lines and dark circles, ugh.)

But writing is really the job of a writer and it’s time to get back to a schedule of doing it. Just as soon as I return from the Southern CA Writiers Conference this weekend in San Diego. Then it’s sitting at the computer and trying to push the new book along. I got some ideas at the UCLA workshop about character, but not so much about plot. It’s hard having one without the other. More research should also help. Creating new worlds for your characters is exhausting work and the more details about what they saw, smelled, touched, wore, ate, – all these specifics are so important. But it still isn’t story, just the grounding of story.

Someone in the UCLA class insisted that when she gets stuck she dreams the next part. Me, I’m lucky if I remember anything when I wake up. But maybe tonight will be the lucky dream.