Writers, writing teachers all have touted writing in a public place. Sometimes alone, with a partner, timed, untimed – it’s all done with the idea that once you put your pen to paper (that’s assuming you can still use a pen or pencil) you keep writing for an assigned time. And it’s true that the very publicness of the situation somehow turns on the writing faucet and it all pours out, to stretch the metaphor to the limit. Give yourself a prompt – a word, a phrase, anything that will stiumlate the brain and most often, words will appear on the paper (assuming you still use paper and not a computer). Often it’s not restricted to the prompt, you can far afield, who cares, it’s a way and an exercise to get the ideas and words out of your head and onto the page. Sometimes you will even write something that you can use later in a bigger work or it might thaw some frozen area of the brain and let you actually create.

It’s more motivating to have a partner, a regular set time and a place you feel safe in. It’s stimulating, liberating, invigorating and it reminds you that you really are a writer. Save those pages, they may come in handy someday when the ideas have become a little stale and you need some inspiration.