I have been wanting to start a writing group for female military vets, hoping that writing their stories might be beneficial to them. After many weeks of research I finally was put in touch with a group (Volunteers of America) who are setting up a housing and full service project for homeless female vets and their children. But until it’s actually opened I’ve started working with a group of women at a rehab facility that VOA also supports. Next to writing myself, I’ve never had a better time than working with this group of women who after their initial shyness, have opened up their hearts and souls, and seem to be enjoying the process as much I am. Everyone has a story, whether they share it as fiction or memoir, putting it on paper can be so good for them. For the first two sessions, we’ve concentrated on what they’re doing or what memories they have to share. Now I have to make sure I figure out how to keep this all going and keep them all engaged.