This Thanksgiving I joined friends on a week-long cruise. We all started the conversation, by saying, “I’m not really a cruise person but….” Then we all agreed to go, seven adults and two kids. I believe it’s the obligation of a writer to experience different cultures, taste new foods, see lots of places, not necessarily out of town, you can even in your own backyard, if you keep an open heart and wide-open eyes.

I think a big ship line homogenizes everything to fit the widest range of people. But we decided to opt for excursions in Costa Maya, Belize City, Roatan and Cozamel, run and operated by locals, so we could at least get a little taste of the different places, from people who lived there. And we started in New Orleans where the ship was docked. Tennesee Williams’ house, William Faulkner’s house, great Creole food, authentic blues music, and beignets from Cafe du Monde, I give thanks just for that.

So, I’m still not a cruise person, but… was a great holiday. Hope yours was too.