It’s been an eon since I last posted and since then we’ve had an ecconomic meltdown, the world is obsessed with Twitter and texting, friends have lost their jobs, I’m financially down and yet this morning I am smiling and feeling good. Am I crazy? Maybe. But at times like these, the mere fact that I am breathing, walking, lifting weights (I’m aiming for Michelle Obama arms, forget Madonna)and able to look forward to the future.

Passover is almost upon us and for those who are not Jewish (and even some who are), the story is of getting freedom, leaving behind in Egypt (everyone has their own particular Egypt) all the things that drag us down into the rut of slavery. Believe me, slavery of the mind and spirit can seen easy and we stay there because it doesn’t require any thinking on our part, we just have to exist instead of live. Well, even though I’m down in the $$$ dept., I’m still eating and paying the mortgage. (yes, it’s way down, but not quite finished) Gratitude is my freedom for this year. The more I appreciate, the better I’ll feel.

It’s spring, dammit. Get out and enjoy it!