There’s nothing like being in class to force the creative energy. If only I could do this everyday on my own. But having a chance to work all day at writing just makes the blood flow quickly and the brain open up to all the possibilities. I’m at UCLA for a four day intensive workshop on “Memorable Characters and Dialog,” and after just one day, I’m both exhausted and jazzed.

I’m thrilled at the level of work from my other classmates. You always go into this worrying whether they’ll be so far beyond you or so far below. Even though the voices are so different, the work is really good and I think I can learn from their critiques.

Of course tonight I sit here nursing a twisted ankle, having a weak ankle is beginning to be a bore, but a frequent bore. So instead of writing some more, I’m off to apply ice so I’m not a cripple for tomorrow’s class.

The saga continues.