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Sometimes it just takes a good book…..

I am so often years behind in my reading. For instance I just read Wallace Stegner's "Crossing to Safey," a novel about four friends, which is quiet, observant, with great depth, but little action. His descriptions are infinite and beautiful, writing the way I'd like to, with [...]

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Impressions in Ink – Sown in Tears – Review

Sown in Tears Title: Sown in Tears Author: Beverly Magid Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 18 September 2012 Genre: Historical Fiction Labels: Russia, Russian History, Jewish History, Early 20th Century, Revolution Format: Paperback Age: Adult Pages: 194 Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Rural village of [...]

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I’m not really a cruise person, but……

This Thanksgiving I joined friends on a week-long cruise. We all started the conversation, by saying, "I'm not really a cruise person but...." Then we all agreed to go, seven adults and two kids. I believe it's the obligation of a writer to experience different cultures, taste [...]

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